vVardis Edelweiss - Strong Mint

Daily Whitening Care
A premium fluoride toothpaste that whitens and protects the teeth.


Velvety and refined, vVardis Edelweiss is an indispensable first step. Boosted with a large dose of patented WX Formula, in combination with fluoride, vVardis Edelweiss ensures optimal cleansing as it protects the enamel against cavities and stains, and is suitable for sensitive teeth.

Enriched with Alpenrose, an antibacterial humectant, high-antioxidant Edelweiss extract, mint, and other premium natural ingredients, vVardis Edelweiss provides long-lasting freshness in Soft or Strong Mint flavors. Tubes are crafted from 95% renewable materials, including the wood of the Alpine spruce tree.


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