vVardis Set - Soft Mint

Contains Aletsch, Weissbad Soft Mint, Edelweiss Soft Mint, Rheinholz Whitening


At the heart of vVardis products are revolutionary patents that strengthen and brighten teeth. In combination with fluoride, WX Formula, featured in the products here, helps make teeth stronger and more resilient to damage, while instantly improving the tone and appearance of the enamel.

This vVardis Set contains the main components of the vVardis ritual: Aletsch, a safe, gentle instant whitening gel that enhances the tone and sparkle of the teeth; Weissbad, a fluoride mouthwash that boosts the resilience of tooth enamel; Edelweiss, a velvety toothpaste supercharged with WX Formula; and Rheinholz, a toothbrush with bespoke bristles crafted from sustainable Alpine Beech.


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